Soft Garfield Odie Headband


Looking to dress up as the happy and lovable dog, Odie, from Garfield? This Garfield Odie Soft Headband makes the perfect costume accessory choice to finish off your Odie inspired look!

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Ode to OdieWhen some people look through the newspaper they look for news about the weather or their favorite sports team. However, if you’re anything like us then you go straight to the funnies. You like reading through all the different comic strips and getting a good laugh. The biggest laugh you’ll get is from the Garfield comics. Not only is everyone’s favorite orange cat hilarious, but all of his friends are also always good for a hearty gut-buster too. His best friend Odie the slobbering dog is loved by everybody and you will be too when you wear this Plush Headband. It will be perfect for a quick Halloween costume. Once you toss it on, your transformation is basically complete. Get a friend to dress up like Garfield and you’ll have tons of fun bugging them all night long!Product DetailsThis officially licensed accessory features Odie the dog soft-sculpted on top of a headband. Odie’s nose, eyes, and ears are featured on it. His nose and eyes are embroidered on the front of the headpiece. A pair of floppy brown ears are sewn onto the top of the headband. Thanks to its flexibility this accessory should fit over the heads of almost anyone!

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