Slytherin Scarf


When you put on the Slytherin scarf, you’re basically submitting to the fate that you’ll end up becoming an evil wizard who likes to torment Harry Potter and his friends. Draco Malfoy wears one and look what he did.

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Yes SlytherinWhen you get sorted into Slytherin, you’re basically destined to become a dark wizard, or at least some kind of magical delinquent. The good news is that you get to wear the coolest scarf at Hogwarts. (Because we all know the ones who practice the Dark Arts are the snappiest dressers.) Made from knit fabric, it’s striped in the Slytherin house colors of green and silver. The house crest badge decorates the long side, and the edge is lightly fringed. At 63 inches, it’s long enough to keep your neck warm while still fluttering stylishly in the breeze.

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