Mummy Tote Bag


Give your little one an extra step into the spooky spirit for this year’s Halloween trick or treating with this Mummy Tote Bag! This tote bag features a mummy’s face with green eyes and a few strips of bandages hanging off the bag.

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Mummy’s On WatchEveryone knows that candy is delicious but that folks also need to keep their eye on it. First, there is the ever-important shelf-life. Candy bars are good for about a month and caramel lasts up to a year. Chocolate can be trusted at least through the holidays and mints can outlast your average toddler! But, you still want to make sure those snacks are being watched. Moms and Dads are busy, so that’s why we’ve hired on a few folks that really know a thing or two about preservation! Product DetailsGet ready for fun that’ll last from year to year (and even longer). This Mummy Tote Bag is just the thing to help your kiddos get up and gather their snacks. Not only is this bag big enough for a whole neighborhood of delicious treats, but it’s perfectly themed for fun, too! Bright white to catch the light, it has mummy wrappings dangling from the sides and two big enchanted eyes that are watching everything around them. No Snatching Snacks!We’d like to say that this Mummy Tote Bag will keep your tykes from grabbing extra treats between meals. Unfortunately, that’s one trick we can’t get this tote to learn. It’ll do a great job helping your tyke tote their favorite things all year round, though—especially candy during Halloween! 

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