Skull – White Mask


Scare your friends and neighbors with this classically creepy White Skull Mask. The perfect costume mask for anyone who appreciates the dark side of Halloween.

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Skullduggery is AfootBeing one of the skeletons that haunt the local graveyard is not an easy gig. You have to be at your post from sunset to sunrise every night, as well as be on the alert for intruders that whole time. You have to be able to rise up out of a standard grave at any given moment. You even have to agree to shambling spookily at people instead of just rushing at them like a normal person!The worst part is the constant dismemberment. Whenever someone fights back, you have to dramatically lose an arm or a leg, or even sometimes your skull. Sure, that doesn’t stop you from scaring them out of the graveyard, but it is the principal of the thing. What a demeaning exercise… maybe one day you’ll make it big as an anatomy class model…A Hood of the ClassIf you want to excel at scaring people in graveyards, then upgrading to this Skull- White Mask might be just the thing for you. The hood adds extra spookiness to your ensemble, so you don’t need to lose limbs as much when frightened intruders lash out. They are also more likely to run off due to the menacing grimace of this molded mask! All in all, it is a skele-TON of an upgrade!

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