Scooby Doo 3D Plush Ears Embroidered Beanie


Scooby Doooby Dooo! Who needs any other Mystery or crime solving shows when we have this Scooby Doo 3D Plush Ears Embroidered Beanie? If I bribe you with a Scooby Snack will you say no one?

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Zoinks! Jinkies! Jeepers! Rikes! Wouldn’t you know it, there’s another creepy culprit on the loose! It might be haunting a bakery, or stalking a theater, or generally terrifying law-abiding citizens, but not to worry because you’re on the case! Well – you’re a little worried about being on the case, honestly. These are scary situations we’re talking about! But as long as you can have lots of Scooby Snacks, you’ll happily charge into danger. Product DetailsHave bad guys saying “Ruh-roh!” when you wear this officially licensed #D Scooby Doo Plush Ears Embroidered Beanie! The brown ribbed knit material is made of super soft polyester that keeps your mystery-solving noggin nice and warm. The one-size-fits-most hat features a wide, adjustable cuff printed with the yellow and aqua “Scooby Doo” logo. Two stuffed puppy ears wave happily from the top of the hat. Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? No one will have to ask this question when you wear your Scooby-Doo beanie, because the answer will be obvious! Commemorate everyone’s favorite loveable-yet-bumbling furry detective – and make sure you get plenty of snacks! 

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