Santa Claus Beard Adult Face Mask


Have you ever wanted to dress up as Santa Claus? You can look just like him when you go out in public with this Santa Claus Beard Face Mask.

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Beard BusinessWe know what you’re thinking. Big white beard? Big deal—anyone can do that! Well, we’re here to let you know, beards are a lot more work than you might think. It’s not just “hey, I’m done shaving” and bingo, bongo, boom—you got yourself a happening bear there. Once it starts getting really long, it starts getting in the way. Eating soup and chicken wings becomes a weird challenge that always ends with sauce soaking into your mustache. Oh, and don’t get us started on moisturizing! If you don’t put the proper amount of beard oils and conditioners in there, it’s like there’s a big patch of steel wool poking out of your face!We bet Santa Claus puts a lot of effort in to take care of that pristine white beard that he has! The good news is that you don’t have to!Product DetailsThis simple Santa Claus Face Mask does 2 great things for you. First, it gives you a mask that will help you reduce the chance of spreading germs. Second, it lets you have a glorious white beard without any of the work that’s normally associated with having a beard. The mask fits with an elastic band and has contouring at the nose and chin. The front has a printed beard on it. Just toss it on when you feel like being the Christmas icon!

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