Santa Candy Cane Ugly Christmas Sweater


Look stunning as ever this holiday season with the Santa Candy Cane Ugly Christmas Sweater. Made by us, this sweater will keep you stylish and warm during the cold winter nights.

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Is that a Candy Cane in Your Pants?Listen, Santa Claus is famous for his sweet tooth. You know the drill. Every season, you have to leave a plate of cookies and milk in the kitchen or he might not even stop at your house on Christmas Eve. But, we know he’s packing. He’s got a bottle of eggnog stashed under his stocking cap. He’s got his pockets stuffed full of Christmas candies. He’s got a few frosted sugar cookies hidden in his sleigh. And he even keeps an emergency candy cane stashed in his pants.Well, this Santa Candy Cane Ugly Christmas Sweater showcases Santa in the midst of satisfying his sweet tooth. He even has his emergency candy cane exposed, for the world to see!Design & DetailsThis slightly naughty ugly Christmas sweater is part of our ultra-cozy line of holiday sweaters. It’s knit from acrylic, which makes it feel just like something that grandma would have made. Of course, the design on the front… is something that grandma might not approve of. It features Santa Claus himself and he’s wearing some undies that leave very little to the imagination. Also, it comes with a giant stuffed candy cane that dangles down in front. You know… because Santa loves sweets!

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