Bernie Sanders – Mask


Feel the Bern this Halloween season with this Bernie Sanders Mask. This full head mask resembles political figure, Bernie Sanders, with his iconic white hair and glasses.

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Not Me. Us.Now is the time to think big, not small — that means ensuring that at every costume party around the country, together, we are maintaining a standard of living for our fellow party-goers. That means ensuring folks contribute their fair share to the pot luck; that means cracking down on the Jim Halperts of the world, who have for too long hid behind loopholes in the costume code and brought mere vending machine fare to the snack table; that means, finally, sharing with our fellow workers an honest accounting of our wages and benefits, so all our brothers and sisters at the costume party are afforded a reasonable standard of living!Design & DetailsThis is a pivotal moment. So let’s be clear: this officially licensed Bernie Sanders mask can help you rally your fellow workers out of complacency, and together, we can build a better future for us, our children, and our grandchildren. Officially licensed (the Bernie stamp of approval, essentially), this mask may not change the world on its own, but it could inspire you or your colleagues to change it. So we’re reminded of that classic Bernie-ism: “Not me. Us.” Solidarity. We know — what a concept!

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