Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Wig


Complete your Sailor Mars costume this Halloween with this exclusive Sailor Moon Sailor Mars Wig. Become the fire wielding Sailor Scout and fight against the forces of evil.

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When you’re one of the protectors of the Solar System, it’s hard finding time to beautify yourself. Plus, you’re always in competition with Sailor Moon. She may think that she’s the prettiest of the Scouts, but we all know she’s comparable to a gorilla (Sorry, Sailor Moon). You’re the fiercest member of the group predominantly because of your strikingly beautiful brunette locks. You make all the other Scouts look like well, meatballs. If you’re planning on impersonating the beautiful Sailor Mars then rocking waist-length, super-straight, sleek brunette locks is a must. It’s a simple and convenient accessory that completes your transformation into the most captivating of Scouts, Sailor Mars. Whether you have to exorcise demons, defend Tokyo against the Negaverse, or use your index finger to shoot fire, this officially licensed accessory will keep you looking your best.   

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