Rosie the Riveter Costume Kit


For those that want to honor the old guard from history, you can use the Rosie the Riveter Costume Kit to become this iconic persona. Fight for your rights and build anything you want.

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We Can Do It! It was the 1940s and America was deep into the second War to End All Wars. With so many men shipping overseas to join the fight, business owners were starting to get worried. Who would fill the riveter, welder, pilot, and driver jobs typically filled by men? they wondered. U.S. women everywhere had one simple answer for them – “We’ve got this!” They kept the country running throughout the war and opened up a path that empowered women are still following to this day. Product DetailsIf you love celebrating confident women everywhere, this exclusive Rosie the Riveter Costume Kit is for you! You’ll look just like the queen from the iconic 1940s posters in the knotted red bandanna-style headband with its white polka dots. A blue speech bubble reading “We Can Do It!” waves proudly from a wire attached to the headband’s center. Also included are a red and white “Rosie” name take and a silvery button with a graphic logo. Girl Power Grab your favorite chambray shirt and get ready to roll up your sleeves! Rosie the Riveter proved what we knew all along: Women can do anything! 

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