Bricky Blocks Necktie Black


This is the necktie you need. The Bricky Blocks Necktie Black is cool because you can build anything you want on it. Build the ultimate necktie!

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Block PartyTies are quite the conundrum. We like ties. Sometimes, they’re the perfect formal accessory that can bring a whole cosplay costume together. Other times, they’re a great way to express your own personality when you’re putting together a formal outfit. But sometimes, we really just want to spice up the ol’ black-tie vibe. You know, bring a little fun into the formal. And what’s more fun than building blocks? Nothing, that’s what! Those toys were the absolute best toys of all time, so it seems like a match made in heaven when you combine a classic black tie with some toy blocks.Product DetailsThis Bricky Blocks Brick Necktie brings you a necktie that’s more both fun and a little bit formal! The tie is made out of plastic brick panels that fold down. Each panel has studs on them, so you can customize them with all of your building bricks, including Bricky Block bricks and some other brand-name bricks. The tie fits with an elastic band that goes around the collar of your shirt. It’s an easy way to add a whimsical style to any costume or outfit! Make sure you check out all of our extra brick packs to help you achieve the exact look you desire!

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