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Are you ready for the spooky season? Step out of the cornfield in this Scary Scarecrow Hat. This brown, pointed hat features a patchwork design, rope, straw, and a jagged brim.

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The Hats Have ItLet’s face it. You really can’t expect anyone to take you seriously as a scarecrow if you don’t have the right accessories for the job. Sure you could put on the facepaint with the orange nose and the stitches, but what about the burlap and the straw? What about the gloves and the collar? What about the plaid and the patchwork clothes? And, more importantly than all of that combined, what about a good spooky scarecrow hat? A good patchwork hat really brings a scarecrow outfit together (and a really good one will spook off crows all on its own). If you find yourself lacking in the hat department, well then we’ve got you covered. Just check out our Scary Scarecrow Hat for Adults. This faux suede hat comes in a one-size-fits-most. It’s got a tall peak and a jagged brim with an assortment of patches all over. The circumference of the hat is about 25 inches, and there’s a black crow attached on one side. We know, we know, the attached crow is a bit counter-intuitive for a scarecrow, but trust us, it really adds to the scarecrow vibe. This is just the right accessory to “top” off your scarecrow outfit.

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