Princess Peach Adult Gloves


What does it take to be a princess? A whole lot! But you can start off by wearing these Princess Peach Adult Gloves.

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Princess Peach has spent enough time either getting captured or being held prisoner, it’s time for action! Now that she’s free she’s ready to get in her car and go. Unfortunately, she doesn’t really have free reign to go on a road trip but she sure can take charge on the racetrack. Whether she’s taking on Koopa Cape or Rainbow Road, she’s ready to gather all the coins and hit every jump. These gloves may not be the best for driving in real life but in the digital world? She’s got it. When you’re dressing up as this dainty but dashing character, you’ve got to keep those paws under wraps. Princess Peach would never be caught without her gloves. Who knows, they just might help you step into her shoes and improve your game. Try them on next time you’re taking on Bowser’s castle so you can show that beast who’s boss.

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