Prince Beard and Wig


Join the honorable ranks of royalty when you include our Men’s Prince Wig and Beard accessory to your costume design this Halloween. Just don’t get carried away with all the newly gained power.

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Heir to the Throne It doesn’t matter if you’re the first in line, or if the succession hits a bunch of other relatives before passing to you. You can still use your power for good! Show up at royal functions, champion your favorite causes, dazzle the peasants, and enjoy the little perks of being one of the monarchy. At the least, it will hopefully get you a free donut with your coffee. Product DetailsBe the cool, modern kind of prince when you wear this Men’s Prince Wig and Beard! Synthetic ginger-toned hair is attached to a comfortable mesh wig cap with a fitted edge and styled into tousled curls. Sideburns made of the same synthetic hair attach the matching beard and mustache to the hairpiece. Wave and Smile Complete your royal costume with this royalty-worthy accessory! Remember to practice your official wave before marching in the parade that will surely be thrown in your honor.