Plus Size Tiger Costume


Catch this Plus Size Tiger Costume by the toe and slip it on! You’ll be wearing an exclusive look for Halloween. Rawr! Available in 2X, 3X, 4X and 5X.

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Put on this Plus Size Tiger Costume and have a purring good time. Did you know that zoologists once thought that tigers (and all of the other “big” cats) were unable to purr? They can roar, which house cats can’t, because of adaptations in their voice box which, so the theory went, prevented them from purring. But recent studies have shown that they can and do make a rumbling sound similar to purring, in the same situations where a house cat would purr. The only difference is, they can only do it on an exhalation; house cats purr both on exhalation and inhalation. Now you’ve learned a new fact today!

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