Plus Size Women’s Tracy Turnblad Costume


No one will be able to stop your dancing feet or try to keep you standing still while wearing our Plus Size Women’s Tracy Turnblad Costume! This costume features a white blouse with a plaid skirt.

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A Hairy SituationA girl’s outfit is only as good as the hair that tops it off. After all, would Rapunzel be famous without her tremendous tresses? What about Snow White and her raven black hair? It’s written into all her story descriptions because it is so darn important.Now, we know that hairstyles come and go throughout the years, and we’re fine with that. We embrace every era, every style and every height. We love the glamorous updos of the 1900s, and the chic bobs of the 1920s. We think that the feathered layers of the 1970s are groovy, and the ultra perms of the 1980s are totally rad. But there’s only one hairstyle that stands above the rest… literally. We’re talking, of course, about the 1960s bouffont.Of all the hairstyles in the annals of hair history, the bouffant is the most impressive. What other hairstyle required an entire aerosol can for just one updo? Sure, you could achieve even greater heights with a wig a la the 1700s, but that was a wig. The bouffant was all your hair, just spritzed with so much hairspray that it was highly flammable and wouldn’t lose its shape for about a week. Surely, it was a style unmatched by any other! No wonder you want to pay homage to it at your next costume party.Product DetailsDance the night away and keep your hair perfectly coiffed the whole time in this Plus Size Women’s Aerosol Dancer Costume. The exclusive costume features a white blouse with a plaid skirt. The blouse has ruffles and velvet ribbon trim, along with faux-pearl buttons down the center front. There is also black trim on the shirt cuffs. The accordion-pleated plaid skirt has a zipper down the center back for easy wear. All you need are some frilly socks and black-and-white saddle shoes to complete the ensemble… oh, and sky-hair hair, of course!Hair apparentWith this costume, you’re sure to command everyone’s attention… and not just because your hair blocks their view! …That just helps.

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