Plus Size Women’s Midnight Kitty Costume


Become a mighty cat with the Plus Size Women’s Midnight Kitty Costume. This isn’t like any other cat costumes you see. This one comes with a nice warm hoodie too. Stay cozy and warm this Halloween!

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Chic and DangerousCats are mysterious creatures. On the one hand, they are sleek and sensual creatures, oozing elegance as they recline upon the back of a couch or stalk along a garden fence. On the other hand, they are adorable weapons of mass destruction when they freak out, bat wildly at your heirloom antiques from Grandma, and fall off of the bureau as the porcelain figurines smash behind them. Clearly, a kitty costume is perfect for any discerning lady. Whether you feeling like a sultry femme fatale ready to allure and charm, or more like one of those rom-com heroines who trip over their own feet and drop a souffle in the love interest’s lap, dressing up as a cat will suit both sides of your personality!Product DetailsEmbrace your inner feline fatale in this exclusive Plus Size Women’s Midnight Kitty Costume! The cuddly-soft, 100 percent polyester outfit works as a jacket or a minidress depending on how daring you want to play it. A black tail attached to the jacket’s seat swishes sassily as you move. The attached hood has two adorable little ears that your friends might not be able to resist scratching. And who could resist the pink toe beans on the pads of the attached mitts? Too sweet!Hide the CatnipStrut your stuff as a stylish kitty cat and wow everyone with your grace and poise. Or, hide under the couch and grab the feet of anyone who sits down at the party. We don’t judge!

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