Plus Size Cozy Brown Bear Womens Costume


Dress up as the big bad brown bear when you put on this Women’s Plus Size Cozy Brown Bear Costume. You will be the most comfortable animal in the woods with this costume on!

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Three Cheers for Bears! We can think of so many reasons to love bears! They’re fierce but cuddly. They eat honey morning, noon, and night, for bedtime snacks and in their pick-me-up coffees. They spread awareness about the importance of preventing forest fires and best of all, they know how to power nap! With so many reasons to love bears, why not just BE a bear for a day or two? Product DetailsYou’ll roar with delight when you see this exclusive Plus Size Women’s Cozy Brown Bear Costume! The perfectly plush mid-thigh length dress is ideal for chilly autumn nights when you want to bundle up but still be a little flirty. A pouch sewn to the front gives you space to store your honey sticks. The attached hood has two perky ears that will have everyone who sees you saying “Aww!” Best of all, the dress’s adorable paws can be pushed off in case you need a little extra dexterity to grab a berry from a bush – or something like that.Bear BabeYou’ll be almost un-bear-ably cute this Halloween! Celebrate one of the world’s most loveable animals and look great doing it. You’ll reap all the benefits of being beloved by all who see your fuzzy self, without having to worry about those pesky hunters and rangers who want to keep you out of their park’s garbage cans. Although, if rooting around inside a trash barrel is on your to-do list, you do you! Just watch out for the Homeowners’ Association. 

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