Plus Size Classic Chemise Costume for Women


Have you ever wanted to look like you’re about to go to bed in 1882? Then our Plus Size Classic Chemise is the way to go. It’s exclusive, too! Available in 2X.

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Do you often wish for more fabric around your body when you sleep? Do you look at modern-day pajamas and think, “NOPE. Pants and shirts? Too revealing!” Do you sometimes sigh as you put on a dress, wishing that you had another dress to put on underneath it? Have you ever looked at a balloon and thought, “Man, a garment shaped like that would be comfortable!”?Then rest easy, friend, because we’ve got all the answers to your old-fashioned and unnecessary fabric needs!If you’ve ever wanted to look like you’re about to go to bed in 1882, then this plus size classic chemise is for you! This exclusive, authentically designed garment was originally created to be worn as both an undergarment during the day and a nightgown at night, saving those renaissance people from having to do a weekly or even monthly laundry day! Made from 100% cotton broadcloth fabric, and featuring an adjustable drawstring neckline and elastic sleeve cuffs, this Chemise is incredibly versatile and will add a historically accurate touch to whatever costume requirement you might have. Wear it under a renaissance dress for your next festival, with your Revolutionary War costume when demonstrating the correct way to churn butter, or as the kind of old-timey nightgown that says “Yo, hands off!” to old Mr. Willoughby after your father has forced you to marry the old goat in order to save your family’s ancestral manor. Unlike the olden days, the choices are yours!

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