PJ Masks Classic Gekko Toddler Costume


Let your child power up with their friends to create the best superhero gang around when you put them in this licensed PJ Masks Classic Gekko Toddler Costume.

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Super Lizard Grip!Your kiddo has always been a fan of reptiles. Their first word was “snake” and when their teacher asked them what they want to be when they grow up, they answered: a Komodo dragon. Cute! It’s fun to watch what kids get into, and these days your kid is into one thing and one thing only: PJ Masks! PJ Masks is a show about a crew of young kiddos who transform into superheroes overnight (in their pajamas) to fight crime around town. It’s cute, catchy, and apparently, the show has a super lizard grip on your little one. Obviously, your child’s favorite character is Gekko, the energetic and action-ready lizard with incredible strength and climbing abilities! Gekko is Greg by day, but by night he transforms by way of his trusty amulet. Honestly, this sounds like a perfect Halloween costume for your little one—daring, adventurous, and oh-so-reptilian! So grab this PJ Masks Classic Gekko Toddler Costume and make your child’s day; then they won’t be the only hero in the family.Product DetailsThis is Gekko’s official look, taken straight from the show! It’s a lizard-green jumpsuit with all the right accents, as well as a stuffed tail that can attach to the back with ease whenever crime strikes! The hood and mask instantly transform your toddler into Gekko. Now all they need is a feisty attitude and a Gekko-mobile to be an official member of the PJ Masks crew! Into the Night to Save the DayIn many ways, having a little Gekko at home can be helpful! They can climb up the highest spots to help you dust, they can lift up the sofa while you vacuum, and they can camouflage right into the wallpaper to…well, we’re not sure how that one is useful, but it sure is fun to watch!

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