Pizza Pet Costume


Serve up a slice of cuteness with this Pizza Pet Costume! Comes in 3 sizes to fit any pet whether big or small. Your pet is sure to be the talk of the town in this adorable costume this Halloween.

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Pass to PupperoniIf you had to — we mean HAD to — choose, which would you say you love more…pizza or your pup? We know, we know, it’s an impossible choice. On the one hand, a slice of pizza at the end of a long or stressful day can warm you from the inside out. It can make your mouth water and your brain drift away to your happy place. And don’t even get us started on the magic of piping hot pepperoni.But then there’s your dog. Your loyal, sweet, funny pooch who offers unconditional love and a snuggle buddy whenever you need it. Your pup is up for anything, and adventures by your side everywhere you go, proving that some family is found! This IS a really tough decision. But wait…why are we making you decide? Grab this Pizza Costume for Pets and you can have the best of both worlds this Halloween!Design & DetailsReady to make your two favorite things even better? Mash ’em up with this adorable pet costume. It’s a cute fabric costume that straps on, designed to turn your small dog or cat into a hot and tasty slice of pup-peroni pizza. Photorealistic printing make the illusion totally believable — not to mention adorable!

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