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Accessorize your costume perfectly with these Piano Player Glasses. This accessory is the perfect item to finish off that signature piano player look.

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Rock and RoamLet’s talk pianos. When it comes to owning the stage, the piano players have a tougher time than guitarists. Guitarists can roam around the stage. Piano players… well, they’re sort of stuck wherever the piano is set up! You can’t exactly move that around the stage while you dance, unless you’re playing a keytar! That just means you have to have show-stopping style if you want all eyes on you. And show-stopping style starts and ends with some amazing accessories. We recommend starting with the main piece that every rocker needs, a pair of killer sunglasses to wear while the stage lights are shining down on you!Design & DetailsJust toss these Piano Player Costume Glasses on and you’ll be the star of the show. The glasses feature a gloriously glamorous look, suited for anyone who needs to amp up their fashion sense for the stage. The glasses have plastic frames with shimmering rhinestones around the lenses. The lenses themselves have a light pink tint to them. Pair them up with an audacious outfit and you’ll be ready to knock ’em dead at your next show! Just make sure you practice those scales before you this the stage!

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