Slender Ghost Adult Mask


Who isn’t scared by the sight of a lanky ghost creature?! We are! And we are certain your guests will be too when you wear this Slender Ghost Adult Mask at your Halloween party.

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A FUN Ghost StoryWaking up in a pool of sweat at 3:33 A.M. has become a fairly new and unsettling pattern. It happened the night before, last night and it’s now happened again. Turning over to flick on the nightlight, the skin on the back of your neck tingles. Suddenly the filament inside the lightbulb makes a popping sound leaving you surrounded by darkness. The light has burnt out at the most inconvenient time. Shuffling around in the darkness, you remember a flashlight is stashed inside the top drawer of your dresser, an earlier precaution that sets your heart slightly at ease. You turn on the flashlight and begin shining it in every corner of the room. No oogie-boogies to be found. All of a sudden, goosebumps ripple through your entire body, prompting you to point the flashlight down the long dark hallway. Your eyes are met with an ominous vision staring back at you, a faceless man with hollowed eyes and noodle arms lurks at the end of a corridor. An ear-piercing shriek emanates from you as you hightail it back to your bed for (minor) protection. Unexpectedly, laughter erupts through the house and your big brother Johnny is now standing in the doorway holding this Slenderman adult mask. “Man, I totally got you,” he says taking a sip of water and heading back to his room.Product DetailsIt’s no surprise that this mask sends shivers down your spine. Meticulously crafted, this latex mask appears realistic, especially in the shadows depicting a sinister character which spawned countless memes and spooky viral content. Its tan-colored exterior features 2 dark pits which act as eye holes so wearers can see out. A Complete Creepy CostumeTurn this mask into a whole costume by pairing it with a black and white suit for a nightmare-inducing look. Pro tip: finagle flexible tentacles to your back, outstretched forward, and truly give birth to an ominous look.  

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