Nightmare on Elm Street Standard Issue Woven Label Beanie


This Nightmare on Elm Street Standard Issue VHS Woven Label Beanie has the standard red and green we all know and love and it comes officially licensed.

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Ready, Freddy? Michael Myers moves really slowly, so if you left Haddonfield he’d probably never bother you again. Pennywise seems content to terrorize Derry, so as long as you don’t visit, same thing. But everyone needs to sleep, which means that you can never get away from Freddy. That’s a situation we’re definitely not ready for! Product DetailsPay homage to one of the greatest – and creepiest – horror villains of all time with this Nightmare on Elm Street Standard Issue VHS Woven Label Beanie! The comfortable knit hat is striped burnt orange and olive green just like Freddy Krueger’s iconic sweater. A thick brim runs around the entire hat and a black patch reading “Ready or not, here I come!” in chalkboard-style lettering is sewn to the front. Elm Street PhenomenonJust to be clear: Wearing this hat does not give you the ability to climb inside other people’s dreams. Too bad. That’s not to say that you’d want to kill your neighbors, but it would be interesting if someone had a dream about owning a flying pony. 

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