Neon Green Footless Tights


Stay ‘Footloose’ in a pair of Neon Green Footless Tights. Groove to your favorite eighties tunes and don’t forget to feather, tease and spritz your hair before you do.

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Oh man. The ’80s. What. A. Decade! The consumerism…the spiked hair…all the John Hughes movies…the shoulder pads under every single shirt in existence (seriously, you could not get away from wearing shoulder pads)…the rolled (or pinned) acid washed jeans…VCR’s and cassette players being the height of technology…the silent but collective understanding that if you heard a saxophone during a movie, the characters were about to get into some adult situations…and neon-colored everything.Yep! The ’80s were pretty rad, and even better? (Even when it looked stupid) ’80s fashion was always incredibly fun! For instance, take these Neon Green Footless Tights…it’s basically impossible to wear footless tights like these and not have a totally tubular time. Just make sure to take a chill pill with all the ’80s Valley Girls references, though, okay? Like, we’re so totally sure that no one even really talked like that.

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