Women’s Teal Bob Wig


Add a pop of color to your costume or as part of your music festival look with this teal bob wig for women.

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Teal-Licious LocksWe’ve been inquiring of the experts. And by experts, we mean our hairdressers. What have we been inquiring about? Well, we’re glad you asked. We have been asking them what it would take to make our hair a beautiful, bright teal. Apparently, quite a lot. We’d likely need to cut our hair first, then bleach our hair, then color it (with the right kind of dye to get that rich color) and then we’d have the hair we wanted. Frankly, that sounded like a lot of work (not to mention a lot of money). We’re not sure if we’re ready for this kind of commitment either. Don’t get us wrong, we really want teal hair… we’re just not sure how long we’re going to want it for.That’s when it hit us: why not use a wig? it’s easy to get a wig in a style and color you want, and it’s a temporary hair fix. It’s the perfect solution. So if you, like us, need some teal hair pronto (and maybe only for a short time) check out our Teal Bob Wig. This synthetic wig has a mesh cap with an adjustable elastic edge. The color is a rich blue-green, with bangs and a jaw-length bob cut. It’s perfect, no?

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