Mystical Medusa Makeup Kit


Have those who gaze into your eyes turn to stone when you use this Mystical Medusa Makeup Kit. This Mystical Medusa Makeup Kit features a color palette of Medusa inspired colors that is water activated.

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Three is Better Than OneAre you looking for a Halloween costume you can repeat all Halloweekend long? Did you know Medusa had sisters? Two, in fact! Which means, if you’re in love with your Gorgoneion costume complete with snake headdress, you don’t have to switch into anything else! You’ll want to have slight variations in your look. After all, Stheno was the eldest and would hate to be told she looks just like their little sister Medusa. And as the middle child, you know Euryale would be extra miffed if they were confused for either sister. Luckily, without changing your costume, you can dress as your favorite or all three sisters with this Mystical Medusa Water Activated Makeup Kit!Product DescriptionStop party goers in their tracks with this easy-to-use makeup kit. Inside you’ll find everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind Medusa look. The water-activated color palette applies to the face wet but dries, making a dense, no-smear coverage. The included mesh gives you the option of creating a scale effect as well. Apply the included liquid latex and 2 lightweight snake appliances for some added interest in your makeup design. Two disposable sponges are great for creating a smooth makeup base as well as applying the latex. Meanwhile, the small brush makes detail work more manageable. Clean up is easy as well with soap and water!Multiple MedusaWhether you’re looking for a reusable costume or you’re in search of an easy way to complete your mythical costume, this water-activated Medusa Makeup Kit has you covered. Add a few to your collection to recreate original designs, or use the included pieces sparingly and creatively for a kit that works more than once.

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