Adult Styleable Chocolate Wig


Add the perfect touch to your 60’s costume with the Styleable Chocolate Adult Wig! Be a show stopper this Halloween with the Styleable Chocolate Adult Wig!

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Family HairloomThe original hair that this wig was modeled on came from our Victorian Era ancestors. Victorian hair art was a craze in which people saved their hair and made all different kinds of art with it. Shadow boxes held wreathes, dolls, and entire scenes made almost entirely of hair. This real life artform faded from vogue, as all things do in time, but it left some very peculiar artifacts.From our ancestors, we have intact chunks and locks of hair, encased forever in glass boxes. These can tell us something about life in those days, as well as their hairstyles and haircare. For that great gift, we must thank our forward-thinking ancestors and remember that nothing is more valuable to us than a loveingly passed down and cared for family hairloom.A Small Price ToupeeWe here at have taken some of those hairstyles and colors and made these wonderful wigs to imitate them. The class and sophistication of our Victorian relatives inspires us still today. This dark brown wig will pair great with any costume or outfit and it can be styled with heat up to 350 degrees. Even though it may not be as off the wall as Victorian hair art, we know you’ll love this cultural inhairitance.

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