Adult Clown Sublimated Face Mask


Stay safe and scare everyone with your fangs in the Adult Clown Sublimated Face Mask. Anyone who is scared of clowns will want to stay more than 6ft away!

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Creepy ClownsClowns make us really uneasy. We know that most of them are supposed to be friendly. They slip on banana peels and get pies thrown at their faces… but we just can’t get past how creepy some of them look. Those overexaggerated features and that bright red mouth? No thanks. We know a lot of people out there share that opinion, which is why if you’re TRYING to freak someone out, then making yourself a little more clown-like is definitely the way to go, and this mask is the perfect face covering for that job!Product DetailsThis Adult Sublimated Clown Face Mask does double duty. Not only does it help you reduce the chance of spreading germs, but it also turns you into one of the scariest clowns around. The mask has eerie features printed onto the front, including a sinister smile with sharp teeth and a bright red nose. You can put it on as part of your clown costume, or use it as your public face mask for city ordinances. Just be warned… you may get a lot of uneasy looks when you wear it! (Note: this mask is not intended as surgical mask or breathing mask.)

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