Men’s Thomas Jefferson Costume


Sophistication and style are what you will portrayed in your Men’s Thomas Jefferson Costume. Made by us, this one is sure to make the 3rd President of the United States proud!

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A Pretty Famous DudeLooking for a changeup style for this year’s costume party? Well, how about we bring a pretty famous dude from the past back to party with your friends! We’re sure everyone would be pleased to meet a Founding Father of America, and of any one of the iconic figures is sure to make for memorable costume fun. We’ve got the goods for you to become perhaps the most famous Father of them all with this Men’s Thomas Jefferson Costume. With an emphasis on design, details, and fit, it’s a worthy recreation of American colonial style and an easy way for you to slip into a costume that’s going to make you instantly recognizable in character!Design & DetailsAnother awesome choice for historical figure costumes this Thomas Jefferson Costume is a Made By Us design. We did a wee bit of studying up on historical styles to produce this ensemble, and with a simple period style in an easy-to-wear design, you’re gonna be rolling like “Big Jeff” himself in no time. It comes with a one-piece jacket/vest combo, pants, and a neck cravat. The top is designed to look like a blue overcoat over a burgundy vest and it features gold plastic buttons that secure together at the center front, and the jacket has non-fastening buttons, too, for an extra accent. The sleeves cuffs have white frilled fabric to make it look like you’re wearing a fancy shirt underneath, and it matches the neck cravat for the full effect. Just complete the look with the matching pants, they fit with an elastic waistband and are knicker length with elastic cuffs just below the knee. Just shop for knee-high socks and a white colonial-style wig (sold separately) to complete the theme! Make Your Mark on HistoryThe party options are endless with this Thomas Jefferson Costume. You could retell classic stories of the American revolution along with a few frosty mugs or carry around a quill and ink set and ask your fellow partygoers what they think about your latest draft. And, believe us, if this is your first time doing a historical theme for Halloween, you’re going to love it. Because you’ll be leaving your own mark on the pages of history!

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