Men’s Royal King Costume


Be the ruler of your vast kingdom and king of the party with this Men’s Royal King Costume. Just try not to call anyone a peasant, never goes over well.

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You Rule, Dude!Ruling can’t be that hard, can it? We’ve studied our history. There’s a long history of terrible kings. As long as you have a relatively sane mind, you don’t try to invade another kingdom, and you make sure to overtax your colonies… you’ll be doing better than about half of the monarchs over the course of history. Of course, actually becoming king might be sort of tricky! Normally you need some royal heritage to actually become king, but with this Royal King Costume, you can head to the Renaissance festival and feel like the big cheese just by wearing an outfit.Product DetailsThis Royal King Costume turns you into the new ruler of your neighborhood! Or at least, it’ll make you LOOK like the new ruler of your neighborhood. The costume comes with a pullover tunic with attached shoulder pads to help you look like one broad-shouldered hunk of a king! The billowy sleeves add a regal look that will have your subjects willing to obey your commands. The included surcoat has fake fur lining, so you can be one animal-friendly ruler. The belt fits around your waist to cinch the look together and the finishing touch comes in the form of the crown. Every good king needs a crown and this one comes in 2 pieces that snap together with ease! Put it all together and it’s time to rule, baby!Renaissance RulerThe absolute best place to wear this costume is the Renaissance fair! Stroll through the gates and all of the young lords and ladies will be required to bow to your regal look. Just don’t try abusing your newfound royal power, because if history has taught us anything, the peasants will begin to revolt if you prove to be an unfair king!

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