Mens Reversible Sequin Disco Pants


Hit the dance floor and sparkle more than the disco ball when you wear these Men’s Reversible Sequin Disco Pants! These exclusive disco pants feature reversible sequins so you can choose what sparkle fits your groovy vibe the best!

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Disco Duds for Disco StudsJeans? Don’t make us laugh! Every disco stud knows that the key to setting the dance floor ablaze with your devilish dance moves involves sequins. Lots of them. Your jeans just won’t cut it if you want to be a real disco stud. So, when disco night rolls around, be sure to put your jeans in the closet for the night and feast your eyes on these Reversible Sequin Disco Pants. Yes, THESE are the pants that help you make a scene at the discotheque.Design & DetailsOur costume designers wanted to create a pair of 70s style pants that would really stand out from the rest. These dazzling pants are what they cooked up. They have a bellbottom design, because 70s style begins and ends with bellbottoms. They come with a layer of shimmering silver sequins on the exterior, but they come with a little surprise! They have a reversible style that can switch to black sequins, so you get 2 pretty nifty styles in one pair of pants.Put the Jeans AwayYour jeans may be pretty stylish for most days of the week, but when you’re heading out for some disco dancing, then you’d better be wearing these 70s sequin pants!

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