Medusa Snake Costume Crown


Hisssss! Ssstay right where you are it’sss the Medusa Snake Costume Crown! Make the best sssstone sssstatues on the entire island with the Medusa Snake Crown!

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One Thing’s For SerpentWhen you want a powerful look for Halloween, one thing is for certain: you don’t have to travel to the underworld to pull off your transformation. Leave the vampires, zombies, ghosts, and ghouls at home this holiday. Instead, you can simply tap into one of the many fascinating and gruesome storylines of Greek mythology, like that of Medusa!The gorgeous Gorgon with hair made of snakes, Medusa is a monstrous maven who could turn people to stone by looking at her severed, snake-covered head. See what we mean? You definitely don’t need to invent a crazy ghost story to get scary this Halloween. Just tap into this well-known tale and wear this Women’s Medusa Snake Crown along with your costume! If you want a fun group theme, you can add other well-known mythological figures — Perseus, Pegasus, Poseidon —portrayed by your best friends. But you know Medusa — she’s also good to slither solo on the big night. Design & DetailsYou will create memories of monstrous proportions in this stunning topper. The base is a classic crown shape with royal details, and it adjusts in size to fit you perfectly. There is a large emerald-green faux gem front and center, as well as stuffed snake heads protruding all around.

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