Girls Dark Circus Clown Costume


Be the star of your own dark circus when you’re wearing the Girl’s Dark Circus Clown Costume. Maybe people will be inspired to make a movie out of it.

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A Not-So Funny ClownIs your little girl a big fan of all things horror? Does she prefer the macabre and morbid to the cute and charming? Well, she sounds like our kind of kid. Why be bored with the mundane when you can get your heart racing with some good old fashioned scares?We haven’t even met your wild child but we can already tell that we’d like her. That’s why we’d like to offer her this exclusive Dark Circus Clown Costume! We don’t just let anyone take a look at our Made By Us collection. They have to be the biggest fans of Halloween on the face of the planet, and even more important than that, they must have access to the Internet. That being said, we think your kiddo would be the perfect person to run around town in this costume.Details & DesignThis costume is a perfect blend of adorable and absolutely terrifying. First, you have the dress, it features black and gray stripes on the skirt and bodice. The puffy black sleeves are on the semi-sheer and are covered with gray polka dots. Also on the bodice are two white pompoms.Besides the dress, there are a couple of included accessories. The frilly collar would add a hint of cuteness if it was a vibrant color but that’s not your child’s style. Being black, the collar just makes this getup all the more frightening. Finally, this costume is topped off with two black hair bows. The bows have polka dots that match the sleeves and will act as the crown for this terrifying transformation.Dreams of ScreamsMake your kiddo’s dreams (or maybe we should say nightmares) a reality this Halloween. She’ll be as darling as a killer doll, as pretty as a penny dreadful. You know she loves you, but that won’t stop you from sleeping with one eye open.

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