Mad Scientist Glasses


Make your mad scientist costume come alive when you add these Mad Scientist Glasses as an accessory. These Mad Scientist Glasses will surely be a hit among your fellow mad scientist friends and monsters.

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Science FlairYour child has worked tirelessly to prepare their science fair project. In fact, in the past weeks, you’ve seen them absolutely transform from your sweet kiddo into a bit of a mad scientist. You always knew they had a knack for experiments, but now your kitchen is practically a laboratory overflowing with beakers and test tubes, and your dining room is a geology museum, with rock specimens, microscopes, and wall charts. Sounds like your little smarty pants has earned these Mad Scientist Costume Glasses! After all, there is nothing in the official rule books saying that your child can’t wear a costume to present at the science fair, so we wonder if these glasses wouldn’t help their chances with the judges. Plus, we hypothesize that your kiddo will want to be a mad scientist this Halloween and show off their new passion!Design & DetailsThese cool glasses are wacky-brilliant, and bring to life your kiddo’s love of science and science fiction. The metal frames fit nicely and hold vibrant yellow, round lenses with dark shades. They are a bit retro, a bit futuristic, and they look totally mad (in the best way!) next to a lab coat, a wild wig, and a nifty invention. 

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