Bride of Frankenstein Plush Costume Hat


Add this exclusive Bride of Frankenstein Plush Costume Costume Hat to your monster bride inspired look and you will be ready to find your Frankenstein monster on Halloween night!

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Dead Hair Day Those dumb scientists. Didn’t they realize that bringing you to life with a bolt of lightning would fry your hairdo? Fortunately, you’re something of a fashion pioneer and you’re positive that this new look will start a fashion for monstrous style. If only you can keep people from screaming and running away when they see you, you’re definitely going to become a trendsetter. Product Details Complete your monster costume with a Bride of Frankenstein Plush Costume Hat! The headpiece is covered with black faux hair and is embellished on either side with a stripe of white faux hair just like the Bride’s in the classic movie. A size adjuster hidden inside the hat ensures a snug and comfortable fit. Lightning Locks Don’t worry about what those ridiculous humans think, because Frankenstein’s Monster obviously thinks your style is to die for! Transform into a classic monster this Halloween with this perfect accessory. 

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