Toddler Trolls Poppy Classic Costume


Dress your little one up in this adorable Trolls Poppy Classic Toddler Costume this Halloween season. Your child will look so cute in this costume dress and headpiece! She’ll fit right in with the rest of the trolls!

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Natural Born LeaderSure, maybe it’s not nice to call kids “trolls.” But if your kiddo were a lovable little troll, she would definitely be the leader of the whole Troll Village! Her happy-go-lucky spirit could motivate even the grumpiest citizen to participate, and her carefree rule would really resonate with her closest buddies, her snack pack!Wait…your child sounds a whole lot like Poppy, Queen of the trolls from your kiddo’s fave film. Huh. Coincidence? There’s only one way to tell—get her this Toddler Trolls Poppy Classic Costume and see if she turns into Poppy right before your very eyes. Maybe it’s entirely fitting to call your little one a troll after all! Now, let’s see what amazing adventures she can get up to in this outfit, starting with Halloween.Product DetailsThis cute costume cleverly turns your little love into Poppy without a lot of magic or spells. It’s a blue dress that mimics Poppy’s signature look from the film, from the tulip pattern at the hem to the stitch holding it together! There is also an adorable headpiece that can give your kiddo troll hair without a ton of teasing, hairspray, or dye — whew!— along with pink troll ears and a blue flower crown. Paint a little pink nose on her and watch her go out trick or treating, ready to win the whole neighborhood over with her infectious spirit. A Family AffairHeck, trolls are so much fun, you may want to get your whole family in on the action. Pick your favorite trolls and parade around on Halloween as a pack of happy, singing trolls!  

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