Fanny Pack Star Wars The Child


Carry your stuff in cuteness with this Star Wars The Child Fanny Pack. This is the most adorable way to be prepared.

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The Best WayThere are only two rules. The first is you never remove your mask. The second? The “kid” goes everywhere you go. If you’re going to be as good a Mandalorian as Din Djarin, this is the way. But first things first! You need to acquire the Child. Now, since the Mandalorian isn’t very good at “sharing,” you’re better set looking for a substitute. And since this is for a costume party, you’ll want a look-alike that’s easy to carry and not much fuss, i.e., something that isn’t going to wander off looking for frog eggs or whatnot.Product DescriptionSince you’re here, why not give this Star Wars The Child Fanny Pack a try? The adorable and practical bag is the easiest way to get your Mandalorian costume looking its best. A print image of Baby Yoda, or Grogu if you must, on the fanny pack means you’ll have your constant companion nice and close when you click the waistband securely in place. Adjust the belt to make sure Baby Yoda isn’t going anywhere and maybe offer him a few items to carry. As a fan of all things he shouldn’t touch and fashioned as a pouch, the Child makes an excellent carrier.

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