Kid’s Light Up Fade Mouth Ghost Face Costume


Dress up as everyone’s favorite classic horror villain in this Kid’s Light Up Fade Mouth Ghost Face Costume! You’re sure to frighten a few people with this costume!

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No, You Listen!It is so frustrating when you are talking to your friends on the phone and they just keep yammering on and on and on. Not the normal kind where they tell a story that just drags on, but the kind where they just do not know how to stop talking. You just want to shake them and tell them that that is enough information about their dog’s day at the park.Well, that’s where this costume comes in! Now when you have to listen to interminably long telephone conversations, you can at least feel like a terrifying murderer while you do it! We know it doesn’t sound like it would make that much of a difference, but we promise that when you slip into this costume you will feel the time slip by. You might even come to right outside your friend’s door and not even realize that you walked all the way across town just to see them!Ghastly GoodThis Child Light Up Fade Mouth Ghost Face Costume will probably not inspire sudden interest in a boring conversation, but it does look pretty awesome. The black robe with its jagged edges looks a like a perfect match for the original Ghost Face, and the light up mouth will just add to the illusion that you should be feared.Haunting Around the HouseWhether you plan to go out in this child’s Ghost Face costume, or just sit around the house in creepy comfort, this costume is perfect for you. It is a wonderful medley of scary and spooky all wrapped up in a black cloak! We know you’ll love it too.  

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