Kids Deluxe Panda Costume


BamBOO! Did I scare you? Don’t get bamboo-zled this Halloween season buy the Kids Deluxe Panda Costume! Honestly it’s just im-paw-sible to not be adorable in the Kids Deluxe Panda Costume!

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Pandas must be some of the most stylish animals on the planet, because their signature look seems very straightforward: black on white on black on white on black. But after designing and making these Child Deluxe Panda Costumes, we can tell you firsthand that these roly-poly creatures make it look deceptively easy to pull off!And everything is better now: rest assured that our final product is one of the finest panda outfits on the market. But if we had a nickel for every time we managed to mix up the color pattern on the bodysuit prototype, or every time somebody accidentally stitched the ears to the bottom instead of the top, we’d almost be able to pay for all the shoots and leaves we ate during our painstaking research. It was a long, tough, fibrous, and extra-chewy road, but we’re finally convinced that this outfit is worthy of the lovable and iconic creature that inspired us to make it, and we’re sure you’ll feel the same way!Lesson learned: making a costume from the ground up is like baking something from scratch. It’s a figure of speech, not an instruction or command. So double check that this outfit looks like your favorite cute pictures of real Child Pandas, if you’d like. Then it’s up to you (and the cuddliest person you know) to bring this suit to life! Think about it for as long as you’d like. We’ll be right over here, scouring the internet for ways to get rid of bamboo breath!

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