Kids Cave Girl Cutie Costume


Let your little girl take a trip back to prehistoric times in this fun Child Cave Girl Cutie Costume. She’ll be set to hang out with dinosaurs and woolly mammoths while trick-or-treating!

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Prehistoric FashionistaWho says living in a cave means you don’t know anything about style?! In our experience, cave-dwelling fashionistas are actually a little ahead of the curve, since they can get their hands on pretty exotic furs and do some snazzy things with bones and claws and all that good stuff. Your little one will have a blast from the past (the extreme past) dressing up in this Cave Girl Cutie Costume for her prehistoric Halloween shenanigans!Being a Stone Age girl is far from easy, especially during woolly mammoth migration season, or when it’s time to trim your pet saber tooth tiger’s claws. And it’s not as if you can just hit a drive-thru whenever you’re craving a breakfast burrito. You totally have to sneak into a dinosaur nest and snag some eggs first, and that’s assuming you also have all the other ingredients and a fire to cook them on. To us, that alone almost makes being a cave girl sound terrible, but then we see chic Neolithic outfits like this woolly dress, and we’re back on board!Product DetailsThis cute costume comes with everything she needs to transform into a really cool cave kid. The leopard print dress features jagged hemlines to look she made it with her bare hands, and it looks awesome with the faux fur vest and matching boot tops. The bony hair bow tops off this wild, very vintage style, and will show everyone how cave kids know a thing or two about looking cool!Cave Girl CostumeBefore there was social media, texting, and long before there was Facetime, there was the stone age. Even though they couldn’t instantly connect with friends and know what’s happening around the world at any given moment, we think that the cave people knew a few things about fashion that we can still use to this day. This Cave Girl costume proves just that!

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