Monsters Inc Adult Mike Wazowski Inflatable Costume


Turn into everyone’s favorite green monster with the Monsters Inc Adult Mike Wazowski Inflatable Costume. This costume is sure to stir up more laughs than screams this Halloween!

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Wazowski… with one “i”Mike Wazowski might not always be the most popular in reality but he’s always the star in his mind! Does he feel down after the Monsters Inc logo is placed perfectly over his body during his television debut? No! He sees the split second he was on television and goes on to rave about his photogenic nature to Sulley’s mom. Does he hesitate to charm Celia Mae, the receptionist? Nope, he’s got the confidence to go for it, even if he isn’t the scariest monster in the building. Sure, he can’t get his paperwork done and might be a little closed-minded when it comes to kids but the charming one-“i” Wazowski always knows how to think on his feet whether that means breaking into song or screaming and making a run for it! Product DetailsIf you ever wished that you could dress up as Mike Wazowski but wondered how you’d ever replicate his unusual shape, this inflatable costume is the key! Fully-licensed, this look inflates in minutes with the aid of a small fan attached to the interior. The costume is supported by suspenders so you can be sure it’ll stay in place even if you’re busy keeping Boo (or Sulley) out of trouble. Zipping up the back, this costume is a cinch to change into and is sure to be a hit!Monster MashAre you and your friends Monsters Inc enthusiasts? You don’t have to dress up alone! Check out the rest of our Monsters Inc costumes! From the adorable Boo in her monster disguise to Mike’s girlfriend Celia and of course his best friend Sullivan, you can make this a group costume to remember! Just be sure to file your paperwork before you go out this Halloween, there are sure to be a lot of screams to harvest!

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