Kid’s Black and Gray Ombre Wig


Whether she wants to be a spooky witch, a goth princess, or a monster from the underworld, this Kid’s Black and Gray Ombre Wig is sure to be the perfect accessory to complete your kiddo’s look!

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Want To Be Witchy?Although many young kids love to be princesses in the stories they act out, not all children dream of puffy dresses and tiaras. Some prefer to feel powerful in a different way. Have you noticed your little one’s giggles start to turn into cackles recently? Have they been mixing “potions” with different soap products in the sink or the bathtub? Maybe you’ve even caught them jumping off a ledge to “practice flying” while astride your household broom. If your child would rather have a black cat, toad, or owl than a unicorn, perhaps letting them look a little witchy would really help them find their inner magic!Design & DetailsWe wanted to make something that could provide a temporary hairstyle for kids who need a break from the pastel aesthetic. This Black and Grey Kid’s Ombre Wig will help your child express their witchy sensibilities! It has an adjustable band to ensure a snug fit on most kids, and the ombre coloring will give their hair a fascinating effect. We know your child will enjoy wearing this dark accessory with whatever costume they choose!

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