Infant Captain Hook Classic Costume


Have your baby looking like a pirate when you dress him up in this Infant Captain Hook Classic Costume. Featuring Captain Hook’s iconic look from the Disney movie, Peter Pan, your little one will be ready to command The Jolly Roger.

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Seas the DayIt’s another day in Neverland! The sun is shining, the mermaids are singing, and… what’s that? Is that ticking? Oh no, that darn crocodile is back. Time to yank anchor, hoist the sails, and get out of here! If you think about it, poor Captain Hook has a lot to deal with. Not only is he always followed by a crocodile that’s specifically hankering for more pirate fingers, but he also has a sassy little boy for a nemesis. Peter Pan pokes at Hook just for the fun of it. Now that we think about it, Peter Pan and Captain Hook might just be siblings! Maybe it’s time to get Pan and Hook onto the same ship. Imagine how much they could get done if Hook put his evil agenda aside and Pan kept some of his mischievous side to himself! That nasty crocodile wouldn’t stand a chance. There are so many ways for Captain Hook to sail his ship with a new slate. Your kiddo can sail with pride once he’s rocking this colorful costume!Costume DetailsThis adorable mini-Hook costume is comfy and elegant, perfect for captaining a ship! The costume features a velvety jacket with a cravat and ruffles attached to the sleeves. A gray sash is attached over the top of a gold panel striped down the middle. The tunic secures at the top back with hook and loop fasteners. Purple pants with an elastic waistband are layered under the tunic to make changing easy. This costume is topped off with a flamboyant hat and a silver hook that fits over your child’s hand for an adventure-ready look!Second Star to the RightAre you ready to watch your little one’s imagination come to life? This costume will be absolutely adorable whether your toddler is running with a pirate crew and fellow Neverland characters. Get out the hook and set sail this Halloween with an adorable baby Hook!

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