Hocus Pocus Thackery Binx Cat Collar with Bell


If you’re going for Hocus Pocus theme on Halloween this year. grab this Thackery Binx collar and let your kitty in on the fun! It is a perfect costume accessory, and your cat will love the comfort.

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More Than It Appears You’ve always known that your cat is a special feline, but has it ever occurred to you how very human it seems sometimes? The look in its eyes makes you think that it understands far more than it lets on. What if your cat is more than a cat? What if it is someone under an enchantment who has been waiting several hundred years for a virgin to light a candle? Product DetailsNo spells necessary to get your paws on this cute Hocus Pocus Thackery Binx Cat Collar! The officially licensed accessory is made of orange material that has been printed with black lettering that spells “Thackery Binx” and images of black cats. Wait a Minute…When your cat wears this fun collar, it serves two very awesome purposes. 1) It will make you laugh. 2) It will make your neighbors experience a few double-takes. 

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