Dog Pupasaurus Rex Costume


If you’re going with a dinosaur theme then this Dog Pupasaurus Rex Costume for your fur buddy is just the thing! They’ll be a real Jurassic pup in the cute costume.

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JURASSIC PUPWhen pondering the advances of science, it is important to consider whether or not we should be rushing forward into any and all advancement just because we have the ability to do so.  Obviously, randomly resurrecting dinosaurs and creating unique hybrids might have one or two negative consequences But, we’ve definitely thought out every nuanced ramification of at least one dinosaur hybrid creation.  This one might be the brightest and hungriest of all the dinosaurs we’ve ever brought back, but it is also the cuddliest one imaginable! PRODUCT DETAILSEnjoy your own version of the dinosaur theme park when you give your pet this Dog Pupasaurus Rex Costume.  This reptile-like green scaled coat is a comfy harness and hood for your pupper that will make them look like a raptor on the prowl.  The dinosaur arms, head, and tail all extend from the base coat to give your pet a real toothy grin and extra adorable arms.  THE FLUFFIEST DINO EVEREver since the Stone Age, folks have been anxiously awaiting the day that they might have a dinosaur pet of their own.  We might still be a few years off from such genetic opportunities, but this Pupasaurus Rex Costume will give you and your dog the vicarious thrill of being a raptor on the hunt for treats!  

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