Fringed Gold Flapper Costume for Women


Buy this black and gold flapper costume for a night on the town this Halloween. A cheap flapper costume made of the highest-quality materials.

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Your friend is throwing THE 20s party to end all 20s parties. He’s set it up to period perfection: the cocktail list features French 75s, Sidecars, Highballs, Gin Rickeys, and Mint Juleps. His decor is on point and his canapes nod to everyone’s favorite party era. He’s got a big ole’ jazz band ready to pluck and scat well into the wee morning hours. Sounds like the bees knees to us…that is, if you can find the right ensemble. Don’t panic, doll; we have you covered. We’ll make sure you get out the door and into the soiree in fine fashion, with this Fringed Gold Flapper Costume! You can swing to the tunes from his foyer to his veranda, feeling fancy free and festive, to boot. Make no bones about it, this costume will have you looking like the cat’s pajamas the moment you walk in. In fact, it is likely to prove just as awe-inspiring as the party itself! Your buddy may be a bit miffed that you’re stealing his thunder, but not as mad as he is at those cats that tried to DIY their period costumes from their modern wardrobe. The nerve! After all, a party of this level of historical accuracy calls for a costume that takes its cues right from the Roaring 20s, and this tank dress’ eight rows of black and gold fringe do precisely that. So slip on this feather headband and shimmy on over to the shindig, because tonight is all about opulence, luxury, and you, in this eye-catching outfit.

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