Hocus Pocus Deluxe Mary Wig for Adults


Get your fit ready & your hair looking perfect in this Hocus Pocus Adult Deluxe Mary Wig. Magic can do a lot, but good hair is up to you, hence this wig.

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Backup for your Magic When you’re trying to put a spell on someone, it’s pretty important that everything be exactly the way it should be. The fires under every cauldron should be just so high. The ratio of salt to pepper has to be perfect, too! If they’re not, who knows how those nasty children are going to smell. And, if you’re planning on tracking down your mysterious spellbook to really let loose, it’s critical that your nose is working at peak perfection. So, why worry about your hair, too!?Product DetailsUntil we manage to get the spells back that will help you do up your ‘do in the snap of your fingers, we still have to rely on the standard methods. Rather than spending several hours in front of the mirror, trying to get your hair to curl up like the top of a witch’s hat, you can use this Hocus Pocus Deluxe Mary Wig, instead. It features the gorgeous dark and violet locks of Mary Sanderson, wound up in a wicked weave and set on an elastic mesh cap. So easy to wear it is practically evil! Stylish SpellcastingIf there is one thing that Mary Sanderson is super at, it is backing up her sisters on their quest for ultimate magic. We’d like to be your backup, too, with this Hocus Pocus Wig! 

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