Haunted Window Boards Prop


Hang these Haunted Window Boards Halloween Decoration and really spook your friends, family and trick or treaters. Each has a printed fake wood-grain pattern.

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Not Enough Space for a HauntingAs major fans of Halloween, we were ecstatic when a mysterious merchant walked into our office and offered us these Haunted Window Boards. They claimed the boards were from an old Victorian home that had been left abandoned after countless families had tried and failed to live among its haunted halls. Rumors of ancient spirits and demonic possessions kept believers at bay but practically begged skeptics to prove the gossip false. All of that just made us more excited about the plain pieces of wood we were being shown. However, with them in our possession, we realized any potentially cursed material is not great to keep in an office space.Product DescriptionNow, we offer you a chance to delight in the terrifying potential of these Haunted Window Boards! Decorate your home with the seemingly simple wood-texture planks. Attached to your windows, these boards will transform your home from a peaceful abode to an eerie residence. Bring the spooky vibes indoors, if you dare, and get up close and personal with the terror these boards surely hold. And, should it all become too much, remove the panels and their double-sided adhesive from the surface you’ve attached them—it’s the no-fuss exorcism every nightmare needs!

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