Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Cadet Cap Accessory


Make your way to Hogwarts with the Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Cadet Cap. Lead the students safely to Hogwarts at the reins of the Hogwarts Express.

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On the 1st of SeptemberRolling hills pass by the windows like streaks of green. The sky above is clearest blue blending to navy as the great metal engine moves closer to its destination. You grab your wand, point it at your throat and utter the Sonorus charm to amplify your voice. To your passengers, you announce they have just moments to prepare for arrival.The breaks on the Hogwarts Express groan as you pull into Hogsmead Station. You watch out the window as each student leaves their scarlet car. You remember the feeling of seeing the castle each fall and grin knowing you get to bring students to that view every September.Product DetailsMost fans of the Harry Potter series claim they would become Aurors or professors if they had the chance. You always wanted to drive the great scarlet steam engine though. This Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Cadet Cap will let you dress for the part. The cap is officially licensed and embroidered with the infamous Platform 9 3/4. An elastic band inside the hat ensures a secure fit so that even an active train conductor wouldn’t worry about it slipping.Train Not IncludedWhether it’s for a trip to the Wizarding World or for your most unique Halloween costume, this Platform 9 3/4 cap will have you ready to fill the important but underappreciated role. We do suggest you find a miniature Hogwarts Express though. You can carry it in your pocket and claim to have used a shrinking spell on it. Come to think of it, maybe that’s how the engine is kept safe between terms already…

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